Sunday, March 1, 2009

Animation Demo Reel

2D/3D Animation Reel 2016
Sausage Party, Trollhunters, Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show

Animation Demo Reel 2016 from Yik Animation on Vimeo.
Password: Caroline

00:06 Trollhunter - Gyre Sequence
00:21 Trollhunters - Drumming Troll
00:23 Trollhunters - Jim & Toby Turn
00:24 Sausage Party Crowd- Peanuts - 40 Peanuts Screen Left Box
00:28 Peabody - Isabella Freakout
00:39 Peabody - Cleopatra Giggle
00:40 Peabody- Copernicus Talking To A Rock
00:46 Peabody - Out To Lunch
00:59 Sausage Party Crowd - Two Peanuts Screen Left
01:04 Trollhunters - Quagawump Trolls Reaction
01:06 Trollhunters - Students At Lockers Sequence
01:16 Trollhunters - Arg Troll Head Hurts
01:20 Trollhunters - Walk Through Portal
01:25 Trollhunters - Troll Evil Laugh

Rocket Monkey's Animation January 2014

NEW Rocket Monkeys Animation from Yik Animation on Vimeo.

NOW with More DANCING!!
Animation by Caroline Jarvis
00:01 Disco Dance
00:05 Happy Mail Dance with Gus, Wally, & Dr. Chimpsky
00:22 Epic Burp
00:28 Gus Gets Stomped On Repeatedly and gets Terribly Injured
00:35 Crazy Runs
00:41 Running and Battle Fighting up a Space Ladder
00:45 Run
00:48 Tiki Zoom Zoom Dance
01:01 Bleeped out Freak Out
01:08 Caroline's Contact Information
Thanks for Watching!

Caroline's "Rocket Monkey's" Animation from Yik Animation on Vimeo.

April 2010 Demo Reel

Animation: Caroline Jarvis:
Razzberry Jazzberry Jam: Clean Up Animation/Ink & Paint
Johnny Test: Clean Up Animation/Ink & Paint
Busytown Mysteries: Symbol Animator
Delilah & Julius: Clean Up Animation/Ink & Paint
Secret World of Og: Symbol Animation
Lovely Music: "Dreamer" by Jenn Grant

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Monster Madness

These are classic gouache paint on cardboard box.... timeless masterpieces...